GMCO 80/20 Magnesium-Chloride Dust Control

GMCO 80/20 is a blend of DustGard® liquid magnesium chloride and lignosulfonate. It’s an all-natural, environmentally friendly solution for road stabilization and dust control.  GMCO 80/20 is eco-friendly, but it’s also budget smart. Studies show that entities using GMCO 80/20 as part of their gravel road maintenance program can cut up to 60% of their gravel replacement and blading costs.  GMCO 80/20s hydroscopic properties naturally capture moisture from the air keeping the road moist and dust-free for a healthier environment and a safer road.

By enhancing DustGard® liquid magnesium chloride with lignosulfonate, a product derived from paper production, we have created a product that is ideal for dust control and stabilization on base courses with fewer plastic materials.  Applications include gravel roads, parking lots, storage areas, agricultural access roads, and horse arenas.  GMCO 80/20 can be applied by GMCO Corporation, or delivered to your site in 4500 gallon truckload quantities.