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IntegriBlend Plus is a blend of liquid magnesium chloride and a concentrated engineered complex sugar. It’s an all-natural, environmentally friendly solution for gravel road stabilization and dust control.  IntegriBlend Plus is eco-friendly, but it’s also budget smart. IntegriBlend Plus is applied topically and provide enhanced surface stabilization through its enhanced adhesion properties. IntegriBlend Plus’s hygroscopic properties naturally capture moisture from the air keeping the road damp and dust-free for a healthier environment and a safer road. 

IntegriBlend Plus is ideal for dust control and surface stabilization on base courses with fewer plastic materials.   The additional binding capabilities offer a longer lasting road surface compared to typical mag chloride blends.  Typical application rates for topical dust control range between .25-.5 gals/s.y. and can vary depending on the base material and previous dust control applications.

Applications include gravel roads, parking lots, storage areas, and agricultural access roads. IntegriBlend Plus can be applied by GMCO Corporation or delivered to your site in 4,500-gallon truckload quantities.




Data Sheet


Hygroscopic qualities keep gravel surfaces hydrated and dust free

All-natural and environmentally friendly

Reduces costs up to 60%

Extends the life of gravel surfaces

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