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Honesty, Integrity, Commitment Since 1964...

In the early 1960s, GMCO Corporation began serving the Western Slope of Colorado through road construction projects and chip sealing work. As our client base grew, we saw opportunities to expand our services and began offering gravel road stabilization products that safely controlled dust while preserving the road.

Throughout the 1980s, GMCO continued to thrive and added infrastructure, more knowledgeable staff, and additional products to serve our clients' growing needs. With a robust line up of well-placed rail yards, numerous product storage areas, and a fleet of railcars and trucks, GMCO became equipped to handle a broad area quickly and efficiently.

Later, we added crack sealing and dust control products to our inventory, and recognized a need for improved extreme cold weather products to better protect roads against harsh winter storms. The GMCO team worked with local municipalities and the Colorado Department of Transportation to develop a unique and versatile liquid de-icing product designed just for the high country.

Today, GMCO serves Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nebraska, Washington, Idaho and California specializing in environmentally friendly and naturally derived road maintenance products including our new bagged salt product Torch SD and livestock feed salt. We are proudly committed to transporting, storing, and applying our products responsibly and with a focus on environmental preservation and sustainability. In addition to our valuable customers, we also care deeply about the communities we serve and give back through various charitable organizations.

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