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The tried and true method for fighting snow and ice.  

Each storm provides unique challenges that require unique solutions.  Whether you need bulk sodium or a designer ice melt, we’ll provide a solution for you.

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TORCH Red Ice Melt

A high level of chlorides and purity allow Torch Red Ice Melt to perform longer, extend times between application, and reduce the amount of product used.

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TORCH Xtreme

Faster results: A complex chemical makeup allows Torch Xtreme to start the melting process within seconds of application proving instant visual results

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GMCO's premier granular product, Torch RT (Rapid Thaw) is all-natural, environmentally friendly and specifically engineered for the toughest winter conditions

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This combination of high chlorides and an extremely low level of insoluables make Torch SD a professional grade bagged rock salt for all commercial and private needs

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The combination of the chlorides and the high purity of Torch RS allow the product to perform longer and at lower temperatures than common road salts

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