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GMCO Corporation is your one stop shop for all road maintenance needs.  

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DEERY Pavement Preservation, Waterproofing, Crack Sealants and more allow your roads and pavements to be ready for anything that may come their way. Preserve your roads, stretch your project budget, save money and time. Visit the DEERY Product page to see if DEERY products are right for you.

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Create a waterproof layer to an asphalt surface to prevent moisture intrusion into your asphalt or paving projects. Chip Seals are a low-cost all weather surface treatment, and provide a skid resistant surface. Cost effective, durable, and quick. Minimum disruption, and can be applied as single or multiple layers.

GMCO Corporation is the leading chip and seal paving contractor on the Western Slope of Colorado.  With 50 years of experience, we have the knowledge and the industry expertise to deliver a chip and seal paving job guaranteed to last. 

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