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Established in 1963, GMCO LLC is a full-service asphalt maintenance and pavement preservation company located in Rifle, Colo. Completing numerous projects for various cities, counties, subdivisions, private residences, The Federal Government and CDOT.

Chip Seals provide a waterproof layer to an asphalt surface preventing moisture intrusion into the underlying structure. Chip Seals are a low-cost all weather surface treatment. Chip Seals provide a skid resistant surface. Chip Seals are a very cost effective tool to extend the useful life of your asphalt surface, help prevent oxidation and help to minimize raveling. Chip Seals are a quick process with minimum disruption to the traveling public and residents.

Chip Seals can be applied to base course, creating an all weather surface.

Chip Seals can be a single application of cover coat material or multiple layers.

Extends life of asphalt

Quick process that won't impact traveling public and residents

Skid resistant

Cost effective method for preventative maintenance needs

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