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TORCH® Red Ice Melt is an all natural, multi-mineral de-icing product designed to work through winter's toughest elements, ideal for melting ice and compacted snow on driveways, sidewalks and steps. TORCH®RED Ice Melt is pet friendly and easier on the environment. It can be used for gutter and drainpipe de-icing. Safe access procedures must be followed prior to application.

Mined product from Redmond, Utah, that increases traction on sidewalks and roadways. Its uniform particle size works quicker and longer. A high level of chlorides and purity allow TORCH®RED Ice Melt to perform longer, extend times between application, and reduce the amount of product used. Consistent granular sizing that melts snow and ice quickly to create a brine and break the surface to ice bond.




Data Sheet


Lowers freeze point

Better value for price

Product stored inside to ensure quality.

Naturally colored minerals

Mined product

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