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IntegriBlend M liquid magnesium chloride is a 100% natural product with almost no carbon footprint created using minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The product is created through a two-year process beginning with ponds flooded with water from the Great Salt Lake. The water is then evaporated using solar power to harvest salt and potash. The magnesium chloride left after the evaporation is then pumped under the lake in an open trench and stored until use.  

How does it work?

IntegriBlend liquid magnesium chloride is naturally hygroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture from the air keeping the ground moist to control dust. IntegriBlend also has an ionic attraction to plastic materials in the soils binding them together so the product stays on the road and not on the shoulder or ditch. 




Data Sheet


Prevents excessive dust from stunting plant growth or contaminating surface water.

Promotes healthier air quality for people and animals.

Reduces gravel replacement by up to 60%.

Prevents potholes, wash boarding and other surface problems.

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