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Elastoflex Hot-Applied Crack and Joint Sealants

Maxwell's original line of crack sealants. Elastoflex products have a long history of quality and performance. With three main lines - Elastoflex 600 Series, Elastoflex 400 Series, and Elastoflex Classic, GMCO can help you find the right Elastoflex line for you. Each series has it's own variants in order to meet or exceed various international, federal, state, local, and private organization specifications.

Elastoflex 600 Series

Need to fix a crack or seal a joint, fast? This series is designed with common roads and paved surfaces in mind. Parking lots, city streets, among other locations that need a quick set up time and resist tracking would benefit from this line of products the most. With features such as self-leveling, quick melting and setting, this line will solve your pavement problems quickly and easily. Created with a medium viscosity in order to ease and speed up application.

Elastoflex 400 Series

Life is a highway, make sure it's built to last. This series is made with highways and other high-traffic areas in mind. With three variants in the line, we can make sure we find the sealant that'll work for your area, regardless of the weather and traffic conditions your roads may face. This series is created with high recycled rubber content, creating a higher viscosity to prevent overflows or messy applications.

Elastoflex Classic

The widest range of the Elastoflex series. Eight variants, various applications and features. Crafted with a various viscosities in order to fully fill all cracks and joints, or simply make a quick fix on a busy road. Cost effective, yet high performance. Perfect for highways, country roads, airports, and more.




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Long History of Quality and Performance.

Seals out water and incompressible debris.

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