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Plowing snow at night on a high mountain pass can be a dark, lonely place. The public is counting on you to make the roads safe so they can get where they need to go safely.

TORCH™ LT symbolizes light and heat, a way forward through a dark place. TORCH™ LT Liquid De-Icer is the next step in de-icing technology. TORCH™ LT provides our Winter Maintenance Professionals a liquid de-icer with the ability to start melting fast, on contact, and has the staying power for the long turnarounds on rural roads.

A liquid de-icer that will start acting fast and last until you are able to get back, TORCH™ LT is the new, exciting way forward in Winter Maintenance Technology. To get your roads clear and safe fast, follow the light of TORCH.

Available in bulk and packaged quantities.




Data Sheet


Specified by Departments of Transportation

Lowest freeze temperature of any liquid ant-icer

Naturally derived liquids are environmentally safe

Less corrosive than traditional liquid deicers

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