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TORCH™ IB (formerly Ice Ban 305) is a natural, environmentally friendly liquid de-icer created by combining a high quality, winter grade magnesium chloride with an inhibitor and freeze point suppressor.

TORCH™ IB is an enhanced liquid de-icer that provides increased anti-icing and de-icing performance at low temperatures on all paved surfaces. TORCH™ IB superior cold weather performance is an ideal choice for safe and economical winter road maintenance.

TORCH™ IB can be applied directly to the road surface, or as a pre-wetting agent for granular materials. Torch IB is available in bulk and packaged quantities. 




Data Sheet

Effective down to -67 degrees Fahrenheit

Designed for sensitive environmental areas where significant reduction in phosphorus and nutrients are necessary

Organically inhibited chloride based

At least 75% less corrosive than sodium

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