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TORCH®CI liquid magnesium chloride is a natural, environmentally friendly de-icer made from 100% natural minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. TORCH®CI provides exceptional anti-icing and de-icing for winter’s toughest conditions, and it’s safe for use on both asphalt and mature concrete pavements.  Versatile and abundant, TORCH®CI is a best choice for safe and economical winter road maintenance.

Apply TORCH®CI directly to the road for anti-icing and de-icing during a winter storm event, or as a pre-wetting agent for both sand and granular de-icers. Trust TORCH®CI liquid magnesium chloride and GMCO Corporation for your toughest winter road maintenance needs. 

TORCH CI is available in truckload quantities (4500 gallons) to both private and public entities from GMCO Corporation, or in smaller quantities from one of our certified dealers.




Data Sheet

All natural and environmentally friendly 

Effective down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit

Safe on concrete and asphalt

Prevents ice from bonding to surfaces

Melts ice and snow on contact

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