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GMCO Corporation Turns 60!

GMCO Corporation is celebrating 60 years in business this June 18th, 2024!


Want to learn more about our history, products, and employees? Watch this incredible video on Youtube!

From humble beginnings with only five employees on Colorado’s western slope working in subdivision construction, GMCO now employs over 100 people across seven states and continues to grow. Instilled in every aspect of the company is our motto: “Honesty, Integrity and Commitment.” These words have been our guidepost and have provided a stable foundation for amazing service and thousands of “jobs well done.”


Over the decades, one thing has always been very clear…People are our most important resource. Whether it’s our incredible customers or employees, every job starts with a relationship, and we make it our duty to do right by everyone involved.


“We love GMCO because of their customer service, the effectiveness of their products and they back everything they say. Our sales rep David comes in and checks with us to see if we are having any problems and starts well before we are into the cold season. If you call him, text him, he gets back to you right away. Great guys to work with, great customer service.”


-Jeff Bruce, Washington State Department of Transportation


Not only does GMCO stay on top of your roads with deicing and dust control products,  we’ve expanded in recent years. The GMCO Willow Creek salt mine in Salina, Utah produces road deicers and animal nutrition products. And GMCO Growth Technologies in Grand Island, NE manufactures Nitro-Mag, the first true innovation in fertilizer in over 20 years! 


When asked: What is the secret to the longevity of GMCO? President Jeremy Henderson responded:


“The core of GMCO Corporation has been around since 1964, and it has been around that long because we have great people that we bring in. We have always been fortunate enough to attract good people who want to work for us. Back in 1995, there were five or six people total in the company, now we are 110 or so.” 


Going on 60 years now, it has been GMCO’s mission to provide the best products and support for our customers. We truly appreciate EVERY person who comes our way and every job that we complete. We are also proud to give back whenever we can and support many local organizations, communities, non-profits, schools and more.


Want to learn even more about our 60th anniversary? We printed a newspaper with fun facts, stories, and interviews. Send us a request for a physical copy and we’ll get one to you! 



  • Everyone at GMCO

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