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Crystalline Waterproofing

The best crystalline waterproofing sealant available. Create a breathable yet impenetrable finish on your stone, concrete, and masonry that strengthens your projects from the inside out. Matrix Pro will not change or damage any form of bonding on cementitious toppings, resinous coatings, tile, or carpet floor coverings.


Free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC), Matrix Pro solutions go deep into your substrates and forces soluble chlorides out of the capillaries underneath the surface. Furthermore, Matrix Pro creates a stronger, denser bond within your concrete by reacting with the calcium hydroxide present in your concrete projects already, filling in pores with an intricate matrix of crystals.

Matrix Pro Plus contains all the benefits the original Matrix Pro contains, but is a clear potassium and lithium based formula. Cure and Chemically Seal in one application with this 2 in 1 mix! This solution is designed for chemically conditioning and internally waterproofing concrete. Matrix Pro Plus also dust-proofs concrete and reduces ASR (Alkali Silica Reaction).


Data Sheet



Data Sheet

Creates a denser, stronger finish to your concrete while still allowing it to breathe.

Non - Hazardous, zero volatile organic compounds (VOC)

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