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HE (High Energy) molasses is produced during the crystallization of sucrose from the sugar rich syrup recovered through the ion exclusion separation process. HE is similar in dry substance and sugar content to molasses produced during the crystallization of sugar from sugar beet juice.

With a protein content of 7%, a low dry matter of 80% and total sugars (as invert) of approximately 50%, HE molasses is an extremely nutrient dense product that will complement the formulation of liquid feeding programs. As a molasses product, it improves feed intake and conversion by enhancing palatability and digestive qualities. HE molasses has a RDS of 80, a pH of 9.95% and weighs 89.1 pounds per cubic foot or 11.9 pounds per gallon.

Available In: 275 Gallon Totes, Bulk Truckloads, Bulk Rail.

High in digestible energy.

High level of degradable protein.

Highly palatable.

Ideal to complement low protein forage diets, such as whole crop cereal, maize silage or straw.




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