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Every pavement project can have a rough patch or two. But when it comes to fixing the failed pavement or filling up that gap, the last thing you want to be doing is going back to the problem area time and time again. Here at GMCO, we're all about efficiency while being budget friendly. By applying Maxwell's Mastic and Patch products, your pavement just got an upgrade.

GAP Mastic

Looking for a permanent, flexible solution for various pavement issues? GAP Mastic can solve wide cracks, cupping, depressions, small pot holes, alligatored areas, open seams, and much more. Once applied, this product is tough enough to withstand any and all traffic and weather. From the strongest of snow plows to the heaviest foot traffic, GAP Mastic will be there. Created with a "set it and forget it" mentality, you'll forget the pavement issue ever existed once it's applied.

GAP Patch

Some pavement fixing projects have one goal in mind - Fix the problem area with the same product you began with. GAP Patch is here to change that mentality. Upgrade your pavement repairs with this flexible, strong adhering solution that will fix your base defects and prevent excess movement. This line of products is perfect for applying in less-than-perfect weather conditions, so there's no need to wait for a sunny day to fix your failed pavement.




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Patch's flexible properties and strong adhesion prevents excess movement, upgrading the quality of your failed pavement

Mastic can be applied to potholes, open seams, cupping, depressions, and more

Skin Patching with GAP-Patch
Maxwell Products

Skin Patching with GAP-Patch

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