Rapid Thaw Sodium-Chloride De-Icer

GMCO's premier granular product for winter road maintenance, Rapid Thaw is an all-natural, environmentally friendly, uniquely colored granular de-icer specifically engineered to perform in the toughest winter conditions.  Rapid Thaw is a blend of natural granular de-icers and chlorides designed to last longer, work faster, and melt more than conventional granular de-icers. 

Rapid Thaw’s combination of minerals and chlorides begin to melt snow and ice on contact.  Also, Rapid Thaw’s natural coloring allows thermal energy from the sun to be absorbed into the granules to assist with melting process.  Rapid Thaw is an efficient tool whether it is applied directly to a road surface, or as part of a salt and sand mixture.  Rapid Thaw is suitable for application on roads, sidewalks, or parking areas.  Rapid Thaw is available from GMCO in 25-ton truckload quantities, or in smaller quantities from one of our certified dealers

Rapid Thaw Product Sheet.pdf   Rapid Thaw - MSDS (PDF)