Granular FreezGard® Magnesium-Chloride De-Icer

For extreme low temperatures, FreezGard® magnesium chloride crystals are both safe and effective for melting snow and ice down to -15 degrees F.  Made from 100% natural minerals derived from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, and with fewer chlorides than conventional granular de-icers, FreezGard® crystals are safe to apply near lawns, people, pets, and mature concrete when used as directed.

Because of FreezGard®’s powerful performance in extreme cold temperatures, it’s a great option for use at high altitudes where conventional de-icers don’t perform.  GMCO Corporation offers FreezGard® in 50-pound bags and 2500 pound pallets for your toughest de-icing needs.


FreezGard® Crystals - Product Data Sheet (PDF)   FreezGard® Crystals - SDS (PDF)