GMCO Snowplow Granular De-icerGranular De-Icers including Rapid Thaw and FreezGard® Dry

Effective, affordable, and easy to use, granular de-icers are the mainstay of winter road maintenance for many municipalities and property owners.  Whether used as a salt sand mixture, or applied at full strength, trust GMCO Corporation to deliver the granular deicing solution you need.

With a full line of granular de-icers, GMCO can help you customize a deicer to fit your program.  GMCO Corporation’s product line includes granular de-icers like Rapid Thaw and FreezGard® Crystals specifically engineered to perform in difficult conditions. GMCO also supplies the tried and true technology of white solar salt.  All our products are available in 50-pound bags and 25 ton full truckload quantities. 


Rapid Thaw    •    FreezGard® Dry    •    Torch SD®    •    Rocanville®